A Brief Word on Motion Control and DSP

DSP based electromechanical motion control is very hard to implement in real-life engineering systems.

So, why would we choose to integrate a DSP into a motion control system? Well, the advantages of such a design are numerous. DSP based control gives us a large degree of freedom in developing computationally extensive algorithms that would otherwise be difficult or impossible without a DSP. Advanced control algorithms can sometimes drasfically increase the performance and efficiency of the electromechanical system being controlled.

For example, consider a typical Heating-Ventilation-and-Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system. A standard HVAC system contains at least three electric motors: compressor motor, condenser, fan motor, and the air handler fan motor. Typically, indoor temperature is controlled by simply cycling (turning on and off) the system. This control method puts unnecessary wear on system components and is inefficient. An advanced motor drive system incorporating DSP control could continuously adjust both the air-conditioner compressor speed and indoor fan to maintain the desired temperature and optimal system performance. This control scheme would be much more energy efficient and could extend the operational lifespan of the system.

More later,

Nalin Pithwa

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